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About Trybes Analysis
Trybes uses a hybrid intelligence approach in our research methodologies to formulate a deep understanding of a user segment, generating insights that drive an efficient approach to product and marketing.

What is an an efficient approach to marketing?
Most brands and businesses today still target by demographics. This is largely based on the idea that people from the same gender (i.e all women) should receive the same message, or all African Americans because of their race, or all old people, rich people, or young people should be targeted the same way because of their demographics.

This is what we call targeting for the lazy.

To gain a deep understanding of your user, you have to understand how they act and what they do. At Trybes, we go even further, we understand why they make specific choices, what influences them, and how their motivations and perception support the way they see their world.

What's the trick to gaining such deep insights?
The truth is no human-only or machine-only solution can gain the level of understanding we aim to achieve on users. Humans can’t make sense of an enormous amount of data but machines can do that efficiently. On the other hand, we can understand context and make decisions in complex situations better than the most powerful machines today.

Understanding that, we are leveraging the best of both worlds to make you uncover your current and future customers among their tribes.

Our hybrid intelligence approach couples AI-driven research methodologies with brand ethnographic studies to deeply understand the user in today's rapidly changing world.

In doing so, we identify true user behaviour and attitudes, uncover met and unmet needs, and formulate a clear understanding of growth opportunities and the current perception of the brand.


Interested in working with us?
Our engagements start with a strategy workshop we call 'chat with a researcher' where we evaluate how our research fits into your business and offer data-backed recommendations.

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