The Future of Experiences and Events Summit

Imagine the top experience economy experts, event leaders and brands/agencies focused on experiences all coming together in a massive expert roundup to share case studies, best practices and visions for the future. It’s not a utopian metaverse: it’s the Summit you are about to read

What Happens After COVID 19

Sharing 80 ideas and consumer trends on the future of society, culture, marketing, tech, entertainment, events, WFH, and tools to deal with the New Normal to come

The Simplest Way to Explain Hybrid Intelligence (Machine Learning + Human Understanding) for Consumer Insights

What I learnt breaking down data analysis that involves machine learning and social sciences for a TED talk and how this helped me find our purpose.

Case Study. Discovering the Unrepresented Audience for the BBC

The revelations of the audience analysis for 12–16 year-olds and what that means for programmers

What are 95% of Marketers and Adlanders Missing Out in Digital Strategies and How to Be the 5%. In-depth Audience Analysis

A comprehensive guide through audiences and types of analysis for marketers and advertising agencies that want their message to stick: from social media analytics (including Facebook audience insights) to Topic Groups, official and unofficial events, and apps.

What Can 20 Winning Campaigns Based on Consumer Insights Teach Us?

Reverse engineering case studies on consumer-centric campaigns: game-changing advertising and marketing ideas powered by consumer insights.

CI Ultimate Guide: The Why and the How of Consumer Insights Today

A complete guide that answers all the main questions concerning consumer insights and consumer trends, from an insights definition to "How do you get customer insights online". It contains the infographic "Online Consumer Insights Roadmap"