Who We Are.

We empower world-class marketing strategies by helping businesses deeply understand the intrinsic cultural values of their target audience

Great marketing is an essential part of every business.

But these days it's becoming increasingly harder to capture people's attention. Now, more than ever, it is vital to have a marketing strategy that cuts through the noise.

There are three primary reasons why most brands and businesses are struggling to resonate with their target audience:

  1. they still target by demographics. This is largely based on the idea that people from the same gender (i.e all women) should receive the same message, or all African Americans because of their race, or all old people, rich people, or young people should be targeted the same way because of their demographics.
  2. the messaging and targeting behind their marketing campaigns is creative lead - A top-down approach. Their best minds come together to come up with creative messages and push these messages onto the audience in the hope that they resonate.
  3. for those that take the initiative and invest in consumer insight and market research, all they get is numerous reports on data points about the target audience. Not only is it difficult to translate these data to power a marketing strategy, but also the data tells them nothing about the intrinsic values of their target audience.

At Trybes we take a different approach, uses a hybrid intelligence approach in our research methodologies to formulate a deep understanding of the target audience, what influences them, why they make specific choices, and how their motivations and perception support the way they see their world, generating insights that drive your strategic approach to product and marketing.

To do this, we've built a team of experts with diverse backgrounds from data scientist and machine learning engineers to social sciences and marketing.

The one thing we have in common is that believe that the biggest ideas, most impactful companies, and top leaders thrived because they deeply understood the intrinsic cultural values of the people they were trying to reach. They understood what makes people belong to their ideas, they found their tribes.

Q & A

Trybes are groups of people that gather around your brand’s topics, values, and culture.

Market segment defined by a common interest (topic). People (target audiences) are connected by a common interest as opposed to demographic data.

How is Trybes different than other research firms?
1. Our experience in marketing. Collectively, we’ve worked as in-house marketers, guided dozens of companies through their marketing initiatives, and spoken about marketing at conferences. Coming from this world we understand exactly what you need to power your marketing strategy.

2. While most research agencies either lean heavily towards technology-driven or human-driven research methodologies, we understand that no human-only or machine-only solution can gain the level of understanding we aim to help you achieve. Our hybrid intelligence approach couples AI-driven research methodologies with brand ethnographic studies to deeply understand the user in today's rapidly changing world.

3. Our business practices. We’re a small, independent firm. This allows us to give our personal attention to each client. We believe expertise cannot be outsourced and it shows in the depth of our work and quick response times.